Podiatrists provide medical and surgical care for people with foot, ankle, and lower leg problems. Assess the condition of a patient’s feet, ankles, or lower legs by reviewing the patient’s medical history, listening to his or her concerns, and performing a physical examination. Diagnose foot, ankle, and lower leg problems through physical exams, x rays, medical laboratory tests, and other methods .Provide treatment for foot, ankle, and lower leg ailments, such as prescribing special shoe inserts (orthotics) to improve a patient’s mobility.Treatment of corns, callus and ingrown nails. Advise and instruct patients on foot and ankle care and on general wellness techniques. Coordinate patient care with other physicians. Refer patients to other physicians or specialists if they detect larger health problems, such as diabetes or vascular disease. Conduct research, read journals, and attend conferences to keep up with advances in podiatric medicine and surgery


General Podiatry

Skin & Nail Problems

Ingrown Toenail Treatment and Surgery

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Foot, Arch, Ankle Pain

Flat or High Arched Feet

Heel Pain, Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis

Children’s Foot Problems

Custom Orthotics

Foot Biomechanical Problems

About myself and my practice

I have been in private practice for over 35 years.  I started my first practice in Johannesburg in 1988.  In 1993 I located to Cape Town and opened three practices – Fish Hoek, Parow and Claremont (being the main practice).  My special interests are toe nail surgery especially ingrown toe nails and nail deformaties (surgical and non surgical). I also treat diabetic feet (CDE accredited), lower back (foot related) pain, children with foot problems (podopaediatrics) and orthotic manufacture.  Home visits can also be arranged depending on the area.

My practice offers:


We accept most medical aids, cash or credit cards


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Nail And ingrown toe nail surgery
Diabetic foot care and management
Computerized gait analysis
Foot and ankle pain treatment
Nail and foot care treatments-Corns ,callus,warts,etc
Custom Orthotic manufacture

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Rm 209 Vineyard Center, 12 Dreyer street, Cnr Vineyard and Dreyer street, Claremont

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